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AirRona Better Days Ahead Of  Us Despite Corona Virus 

Corona Virus, being stuck inside, it dawns on me daily that I can’t go out and do the things I normally love and enjoy with those I love and care for. I see daily videos people around the world not abiding this social distancing but some are distancing themself. Some are self-isolated due to the corona virus. As the world plunged into further darkness.  Corona Virus is killing our loves one, It’s killing thousands by the day and hundreds by the hour. It’s sad how many of us are affected, the saddest part is you just don’t know who has it.

The world outside is brightly colored like the beautiful 5 pm sunlight that beams through the window sills as the fresh air tornado through the curtains, as my body temperature rises due to this sitting in this box. I wonder to myself is this corona a fairytale from a book. Streets that were once crowded are now empty, ghost towns if you ask something looming in the air, Corona Virus the talk of the town.

Delawness AirRona Illustration Corona Virus

The only way we will see better days is if we Stay At Home / Tan Ah Yuh Yard. Let’s all abide by these warnings and make it through this period together.

Like a butterfly, I want to fly again go out and be everything I once had a dream to be. Rising above all this darkness, I inhale-exhale the freshness of the outside like the old day through my windows. Dancing in the streets turns into dancing online as Tik Tok users flip the switch. Working out turn working in as our we start our computers from the home office room. Laughing at silly jokes and sharing old memories as we make new ones. As time passes I question everything, will things ever go back to the way they were? Will Corona Virus be the death of us all?  How long should we stay isolated? How long should we  socially distance ourselves from each other?


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Delawness AirRona Illustration Corona Virus

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