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Blood Money: The Brainwash

Lawrence L Deacon Blood Money- The Brainwash

 Jamaican Illustrator Lawrence L. Deacon pulls for inspiration from his favorite Reggae artist Protoje Blood Money and Chronixx Ghetto Paradise to create his masterpiece titled Blood Money: The Brainwash

Meet Lawrence L. Deacon a 22-year-old graphic designer and illustrator using his ingenious and pioneering skills to orchestrate a campaign that will bring awareness to the effects of gun violence in Jamaica. Creatives around the world are advocating to end gun violence and blood money through the Art of Photography, and Videography. Solving crime in Jamaica is a persistent and constant problem; it is a safety issue that is faced by both young and old.

We must accept that our imperfections contribute to our perfect existence. I think like a wise man and my imagination allows me to provoke critical thinking in my artwork.Growing up with West Indian roots has helped me to shape my identity as a creative with an appreciation of different cultures. I’m an artist at heart, today I am inspired to use a paint brush but tomorrow I might use chalk coal. The best feeling in the world for me is seeing my work printed and how people engage or interact with them Lawrence L. Deacon

A society that prohibits firearms is the utopia that most of us dream about, for once let the news headline read, There’s Peace on Earth. No country can flourish with an infectious disease such as crime.  This phenomenon has regurgitated the Black Death; a medical term once describing a great plague that killed just about 25 million people in the 14th century. 

This great plague is still around today, making its deadly presence known in the black communities in a different form. Gun Violence is just as dangerous as the Great Plague, perhaps even worst. All human attempts to end this plague are not in vain.


Society is broken, my strength in the creative industry has a greater purpose. I will use my energy to fuel my ambitions for the betterment of myself and others by promoting self-consciousness, balance, and unity. We are a blessed nation with a lot of creative dreamers aspiring to do good. But, there are a cursed few with the devil on their shoulders. – Lawrence L. Deacon

Jamaica has the highest homicide rates in the region which is fueled by the easy access to guns, making the country a targeted state of emergencies. Lawrence L. Deacon is the face that will end gun violence in Jamaica with his campaign Bloody Money; The Brainwash campaign.

In this modern industrious society, I see myself as a genius misfit who is always creating his own opportunities regardless of what the naysayers say. I just never let people and their words limit me. With this campaign, I am on a mission to inspire the hopeless youth of Jamaica in marginalized communities and the wider population who have been affected by gun violence. I will be using my artistic ability to help fight against violence and corruption that is deeply rooted in our culture one design at a time. I sat in my studio one night and thought to myself, how can I contribute to helping in the fight against violence and corruption in my country? – Lawrence L. Deacon
Lawrence L Deacon Blood Money- The Brainwash

Are you at the right or wrong end of the gun? 

Anxiety, Fear, and Anger are just a few of the emotions that are keeping persons from dreaming. Enough is enough of gun violence, especially within the Black communities. Turning a blind eye to this issue contributes tremendously to the body counts in Jamaica. Statistics reveal that at least 16 shooting incidents occurred since the start of 2018. Lawrence L. Deacon found his inspiration for Blood Money: The Brainwash Campaignfrom various Black activist musical legends such as Tupac Shakur, Rising Reggae trailblazers Chronixx and Protoje. 

Blood money: The Brainwash campaign takes reference from Tupac, Protoje “Blood Money” single and Chronixx “Ghetto Paradise” single. As a creative, reading and listening music is inevitable it’s like my daily bread. While reading Tupac Shakur Legacy, I came across a part where Tupac referenced how they ended the Vietnamese war and how he planned on doing the same through his music to stop violence in the black community. Gun Violence affects Jamaicans mentally, physically, economically and even psychologically. Protoje and Chronixx songs both seek to talk about the ugly truth. But, in my case, I wanted to paint that picture which talks about that same ugly truth from an illustrative standpoint. I started this #DelawnessEndGunViolenceJamaica campaign because the youth are affected and most so-called happy successful families are facilitated or funded by blood money. By downloading a copy of this artwork and using it as your screensaver you are taking a stance against blood money. Say No to destroying our families and this nation. The youth also have to wise up and realize that they are the future, if you keep killing each other there won’t be any future. – Lawrence L. Deacon


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Lawrence L Deacon Blood Money- The Brainwash

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 I just want everyone out there reading this to know that their dreams are possible,  just work on it. Believe in yourself, be determined to create your own waves – Lawrence L. Deacon  

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