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Fabrice Gautier


Fabrice Gautier Born and raised in France, an active lifestyle was ingrained in his family. As a kid, Fabrice saw how family, passion, fun and health translated to sports. At a very young age, he learned from a basketball magazine about Magic Johnson and a french player that also was a Physical Therapist. He turned into Magic Johnson’s biggest fan. Admiring his human side and great skills as a player, he was inspired to pursue his dream of representing his country and playing with the Lakers. He played basketball in France and USA. He studied physical therapy in Paris and while playing basketball he got injured. This is when osteopathic therapy complemented his PT and was able to go on playing rugby and serving in the military. With osteopathic therapy as his new found passion, he felt very optimistic and knew he had to come to Los Angeles to improve and redirect his childhood dream with his calling of helping others.

He also turned into a family man that genuinely cares not only of his own family and friends but also of the people he works with. His Physical Therapy Thesis gained recognition, in 2003 he opened L.A. Main Physical Therapy and along the way started working with professional athletes on top of regular patients.

I was tasked by Fabrice to develop a simple brand identity that would find balance between luxury, sports and also one would attract both professional sports star as well as regular clients.


It was an amazing effortless experience to work with Lawrence, then when the logo comes you ask questions and start to understand the magic behind his work, every details has its importance and meaning !!!! I am so happy with the end results thank you so much Lawrence !!!

Fabrice Gautier