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Lawrence L. Deacon Ruminates On Waves & Pain


I am floating on water as I write this piece about the exceptional graphic artist and brand designer Lawrence L. Deacon. At first glance his latest release Waves & Pain strikes you as a larger-than-life pool of color, swirls, and sensual kisses. After diving deeper you will discover a world of pleasure, pain, and oceanic bliss.

It’s clear that Waves & Pain is displaying much more than just spectacular colors looped in a ring of emotions. This artwork is meant to remind us of our own internal struggles with society and how these same problems are affecting nature’s underwater wildlife as well.

Lawrence L Deacon

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Lawrence L. Deacon verbalized the thought-process behind Waves & Pain: “The piece speaks a lot about the love of money and how money influences people. This greed can cause great suffering. It also speaks to how some people are just about “money talk”, whether they are generating that money or just the idea of it.”

It is true that the nature of man-kind revolves around the exchange of currency. The earliest civilizations used elements such as salt, rice, and gold to create wealth for themselves. Now we have turned away from protecting nature’s goodness to create illusions of fortune, such as bitcoin, credit, and promissory notes in the form of cash. This piece vibrates on the same frequency of global warming happening on the planet and our need to turn our eyes to the ecosystem for answers.

Could this in any shape or form be inspired by Pantone Colors’ 2020 selection of ​Bleached Coral​; an environmentally driven decision to showcase the visual spectacle of corals glowing in vibrant hues in desperation to survive underwater heat waves? Perhaps we should take a closer look at how art depicts reality at the core. Act fast and feast your eyes on this underwater spectacle “Waves and Pain”, before it’s too late.

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Promotional Verbiage:

Money Talk

People with money manipulate and control our economy under the belief that “money is power”.

Taste Jupiter

Success can be a bittersweet experience resulting in complete bliss or self-destruction.


Based on the symbolism behind the Eight Ball, Waves & Pain shows a chance in the future for fortune.

Our greatest hope as an artist is that with time consistent work everything will eventually change for the better.

Struggle Surfer

Art is a constant struggle, but the wins arrive through continuous efforts. It is a game of trial and error.

All of life is inspired by elements of nature, sound, space, and time.

Waves & Pain

 People are manipulating others for financial gains, with the greatest hope to be successful banking on

the future with the continuous efforts and hard work of others.


Staying focus amidst all the struggles faced in my creative career, the obstacles and progress stay afloat with success and failure lurking.


The most constant thing in life is change. We all experience change, in dealing with challenges at home, in our relationships,

or in personal setbacks; these shifts in our life can affect our career, well-being and how we view external occurrences. 


Going thru a lot yet I am able to numb my pain, heartbreaks and keep focus pressing on chasing my dreams regardless of the setbacks and losses.

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Lawrence L. Deacon Waves & Pain

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